Join Lourdes and give to save lives and protect the vulnerable, sick and weak.

When you give through the Clean Hands Campaign, your donation directly impacts lives. Know that every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on one or more lives through your generous efforts.

Just imagine, the life you positively impact could initiate a chain of health that extends through the community.

Please join in support with Lourdes Colon to give people a fighting chance at better health. Clean Hands Campaign will provide healthier options for the Homeless while promoting health awareness options for people with terminal illness as well as those who seek healthier choices everywhere.


  • One Million Bottles for the Homeless

  • One Million Dollars for Health


Your donation will not only provide funds to Create Option C but will also provide SmartTouch Hand Purifier™ to thousands providing a healthier environment for the homeless within the Los Angeles area.

Create Option C has become a staple within the homeless community the onslaught of illnesses that plague this community and the increasing infection rate throughout the community at large, has brought attention to creating a local solution to this unfavorable situation.


Chronically homeless people are regular visitors to emergency rooms, each visit resulting in a hefty bill. The cost to tax payers is over $40,000, often upwards of $150,000 a year per homeless person. This Clean Hands Campaign can reduce those visits, help decrease illnesses, and save lives along with tax payer’s money. Please get involved by donating today.

The measurable spread of illness has resulted in disrupting our community around us. Residual effects of the illnesses result once the homeless residents, volunteers and staff contracts bacteria and viruses, then take these germs home. This in turn promulgates throughout the community, creating an even larger problem:  loss of work for many of our volunteers and staff,  high disease rates among the homeless who don't have another way to keep themselves free from viruses and bacteria’s, and the spread of infection to the  families of staff and further, throughout the community.


Objectives of the campaign will be to donate:


One million bottles of SmartTouch Hand Purifier™ given to the homeless shelters around the Los Angeles County. This will allow every homeless person, along with volunteers and staff members who work and help those in the homeless communities, the ability to protect themselves from germs for one year.


One bottle per month per year – 67,855 people protected within our communities.


$1,000,000 to Create Option C which will expand their program capabilities, and provide a system to create jobs and education on preventative health issues through a series of videos, books, and speaking events and the distribution of the documentary "Create Option C. My Journey With Cancer."

Create Option C’s goal: Promoting health awareness with a positive impact throughout the world.


Public Relations


The homeless shelters that become a beneficiary of Create Option C, Clean Hands Campaign will have a photo opportunity during the initial donation to thank the donors. This will create further awareness and recognition of the positive change within the communities.


Positive Movements


Continuing a measure of success for a healthier community:


Donors will have the ability to purchase the OSM Hand Shield™ through the website for their own personal use.

The launch of Operation Smart Move in support of California’s homeless shelters training and educational programs established to create new job opportunities.


Positive environmental impact through remediation and preventative initiatives.




Clean Hands Campaign is part of Operation Smart Move (SEE DETAILS BOTTOM OF PAGE) as a fundraiser, while also creating awareness for personal safety and improving health by mitigating the spread of bacteria and viruses that plague communities.  The resulting illnesses and deaths demonstrate the unfortunate truth that where you live dictates how long you live. Our hope is to move beyond education into action that results in improving the quality of lives.

Product Comparisons

SmartTouch Hand Purifier

SmartTouch Hand Purifier™ is a natural barrier on the skin that protects its user from germs. According to the U.S. CDC 80% of all cross- contamination comes from human touch. Traditional alcohol based hand sanitizers stop working the instant they dry (8-10 seconds), become less effective with repeated use and can irritate the hands. SmartTouch™ Hand Purifier lasts all day long, resists 10 hand washings between applications. Its Alcohol free formula is fast drying, leaves no sticky residue, is non-staining colorless, and moisturizes and conditions hands.  Its water-based formula is safe and non-flammable. The product leaves a soft sheen feel that re-ensures the user that it is still working to protect them.


By requiring each person who walks through your doors to apply the hand Purifier, the homeless and staff will continue to be protected beyond your walls, creating preventative care as it continues to work up to 10 washings as they are off to their destinations, heading to the store or home or just hanging out. This simple act of hand cleaning is the beginning of an education for healthier habits that can ripple into the community.



Hand Sanitizers


Not such good news: use promotes poorer health and detrimental damage to users. However they are everywhere within our communities.

Triclosan, the active ingredient, kills off all of your good germs making it easier for anti-body resistant strains to flourish.


A new study by PLOS One reported that using hand sanitizers can increase your skin exposure absorption of Bisephenol A (BPA). BPA is used in the production of most if not all hard plastics, including food and beverage storage containers. The danger of BPA is that it basically imitates our body’s hormones sneaking into the body and disrupting the endocrine (hormone system) system. The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things. Studies have linked high amounts of BPA to hormonal disorder, heart disease, cancer, infertility, and diabetes.



Risk without Protection Leads to Spread of Germs


Up to 50% of surfaces are missed in traditional cleaning (CDC)


Cross contamination is a direct result of touching a surface that was not cleaned. Outdated chemicals and outmoded methods are no longer enough to protect us from disease and infection. 


Up to 80% of diseases are a direct result of contact with contaminated surfaces (NIH)


A person touches their face up to 5,500 times a day (Wikipedia)


To learn more about the history of germ prevention, the risks associated with chemical disinfectants, and safety, visit the Operation Smart Move web site. (Click here.)


What is Operation Smart Move (OSM)?


Operation Smart Move (OSM) is a Cause Movement addressing the overall betterment of community needs which is designed to assist communities to create a radical and measurable improvement in long-term quality of life for those who are marginalized, and becoming the inspiration for the community as a whole.

The OSM movement provides a unified approach to environmental, economic and social goals by empowering the people of community through an economic approach that inspires, creates positive impact and provides measurable solutions.

Operation Smart Move during this initial phase addresses environmental issues that have plagued the community causing health issues. We understand that poor environmental quality has its greatest impact on people’s health. Therefore, environmental health must address the environmental factors that increase the likelihood of exposure and disease. To learn more click here.

Our Goal

is 1,000,000


Join Lourdes and give to save lives and protect the vulnerable, sick and weak.